Not All Waterproofing Products Are 100% Submersible

In the waterproofing industry, it is critical to understand that most waterproofing products or assemblies require drainage. Meaning that water must flow out, whether it is off the side of the deck or away from the building, or toward the drain. In fact, industry standards prohibit puddles of water to remain stagnant for more than 24 hours- or risk voiding manufacturer's warranty. Puddles of water must be maintained, removed,  or evaporate on their own within 24 hours.

Selecting the right products for your project is key to success. Not doing so can add an enormous extra cost when say, a podium deck was poured flat and has to be sloped to drain, or if a drain inside a planter has gotten clogged and has created a bathtub. The best practice is to inform your customers of all scenarios, offer the best products that provide for them the best result.

PC IM 129 is a fully submersible waterproofing membrane designed to be used in water tanks and water features. At 90 mils, fully reinforced, PC IM 129 is a great way cover everyone. The manufacture will provide a 10 year warranty and the system will last long after that. But PC IM 129 is fully submersible for years on end, and that ... is what makes it one of the best products in the entire waterproofing industry.